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Since 1909 we have offered these two unique services:


  Forget about over ordering and inventorying seldom used fabrications just to meet large minimum quantities! Not only do we offer small minimums, but you can combine multiple sizes of the same type of product for discounted quantity breaks. Most products are available from our extensive inventory, the rest are custom fabricated for quick delivery. Products include many sizes, shapes, and colors of sheet, wire (round, half-round, square, flat and bezel strip) casting grain, discs, tubing, and solders.   We have handled the recovery of all types of precious metal scrap. Extraordinary care is taken with each scrap lot received including multiple weighing verification, assays, and special lot processing. We guarantee to process your scrap in the most efficient manner at our disposal to give you the best possible return on your scrap shipment. Prompt payment is made by check, account credit, and return of metals in bullion or fabricated forms.

Now offering 14 Karat Yellow Gold-Filled products in the following categories:

Sheet - Round Wire - Half-Round Wire - Discs