Packaging Steps

We Refine or Purchase
We Do Not Refine

Ensuring Best Return

For a better understanding of your shipment content it is best to separate and list weights of your scrap into the following categories: Note: Sweeps and polishings are processed separately from meltable scrap.


Include your name, address, phone number, and copy of drivers license (if first time customer) with your processing and return instructions. For your convenience, a refine form is located here.


For scrap and filings use a heavy plastic bag and seal it well. Double bagging is recommended. Large mouth plastic bottles make excellent containers for scrap and filings. Pack the bags securely into a sturdy box because jostling during shipment may cause sharp objects to puncture the bags.


Packages can be sent by Federal Express, UPS, or U.S. Mail. Please make sure that tracking and insurance is on the package in the event that the carrier loses it. We also accept packages at our location, but require that you setup an appointment.