Services Explained

We work with customers to determine the best and most economical method to process the materials entrusted to us and proceed with the course that will provide the highest net return. In addition to our speed, accuracy, and resourceful command on the craft, we tailor our refine returns to meet the needs of our customers. Completed jobs may be returned in the form of a check, account credit, wire transfer ($2000 minimum), or metal (1.5% discount available). Unless notified in advance, the returned form will be a check.


Lots containing scrap and waste of unknown metal content that require refining or assaying to determine the metal content are processed as a refining job. We assay "gold only" for a quick turnaround and a lower assaying fee. At your request, we also offer an assay for silver, platinum, and palladium.

Our Process

  1. Upon receipt, all packages are weighed prior to opening. Your package of scrap is carefully opened and the contents are weighed again. If our weight differs from yours, we will contact you before further processing.
  2. We then issue an acknowledgment report of weights, materials description, and anticipated form of settlement.
  3. Your material is then melted into a bar, which is sampled and assayed to determine the exact precious metal content. Sweeps are burned and milled into a fine powder, which is mixed and assayed multiple times for accuracy.
  4. On completion, a settlement report is issued showing the metal record and terms. The report is sent with your check and/or returned metal.

Settlement Time

"As-Is" Metal Purchases

In addition to our refining service, we also purchase metal of a known grade on an "as is" basis. This typically consists of small shipments of scrap, either stamped jewelry or pieces large enough to efficiently test with acid. Small lots of filings and clippings too small to offset the minimum refining charge can also be included as a metal purchase. These lots are melted into a button and then acid tested to determine the karat. At your request, larger lots can also be handled this way if a quick return or current market is a priority. All metal purchased is held for a 10 day approval pending your evaluation. A settlement report with a check or credit acknowledgement will be mailed within a few days of receiving of your material.

Metal Returned

Fabricated or alloyed forms are processed as a purchase of the metal resulting in your account being credited. The 1.5% discount is offered on fabricated and alloyed metal returns.